Collins Publishers, 1987, Out of print, limited availability

From Publishers Weekly: "This volume, to be published on the fifth anniversary of the dedication of the national shrine, includes photographs by freelance photographer Lopes and 16 other photojournalists, and excerpts of letters placed at the wailing wall by families, friends and war buddies of the dead and missing whose names are engraved there "the mystery of death writ in stone 58,132 times." This American family album is deeply moving in its simplicity: "Damn you, brother why didn't you come back? ... I still love you, and I'd love you if you came back in one piece, or your arms or legs or mind gone." Among the 75 poignant color and black-and-white pictures photographed with respect, a child is lifted by a veteran to plant a kiss on a name; flowers, teddy bears, flags and uniforms grace the polished black granite. In his introduction, Vietnam veteran and freelance writer Norman discusses the controversy over the Wall's design and mourns a friend who substituted for him on patrol: "He may have died for his country or for his God or for nothing at all. For a long time, I thought he died for me."



Little Brown & Company, 1994, Out of print, to purchase, see note below

An unblinking look at the dignity and hardship of those valiantly living with AIDS, and the people in their lives.

From “Library Journal”: "Sal Lopes has compiled three separate essays. Analagous to his earlier collection on the Vietnam Memorial, his first collection here captures the emotional responses of visitors to the AIDS quilt. His next group offers dual protraits of PWAs and their volunteer caregivers, called "buddies." The third collection offers candid and posed pictures of John and Sharon Boyce and their adopted HIV-positve children."

From “Ingram”: "In the first book to look at the daily courage and humanity of people afflicted with AIDS, Lopes offers a vital message of encouragement, strength, and, most of all, hope. Introduction by Vicki Goldberg (The Power of Photography)."

To purchase a copy: This limited edition hard-cover book has been printed on high-quality semi-gloss paper. The images in the book were hand-selected by Sal from his Living WIth AIDS series. The copies for sale through Sal have been autographed by him, and are available while supplies last. If you wish to purchase a copy, please contact Sal directly. He will contact you to make the proper arrangements.